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[TXT] .gitignore  1.1   3 years  thfr   add .gitignore; tweak wording
[TXT] Makefile  1.2   3 years  thfr   add MONO_FORCE_COMPAT quirk for Terraria and SOTS: The Pit; add readme target to...
[TXT] fnaify.dllmap.config  1.3   3 years  thfr   add Nuclex.Input/kernel32 dllentry; set up order of config file as -c argument -...
[TXT] LICENSE  1.3   3 years  thfr   prepare for 1.2 release; some clean up; use colon as separator for dependency di...
[TXT] fnaify  1.114   3 years  thfr   update description and TODO in fnaify
[TXT]  1.26   3 years  thfr   update history entry for 2.1
[TXT] fnaify.1  1.12   3 years  thfr   update history entry for 2.1

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