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import fnaify

# Problematic FNA.dll versions:

* FNA.dll (Apotheon)
* FNA.dll (Adventures of Shuggy, Rex Rocket, Wizorb, Wyv and Keep)
* FNA.dll (Brushwood)

# Working:

* MonoGame.Framework.dll (AVNT, Capsized, EscapeGoat, Rogue Legacy, Soulcaster1&2)
* MonoGame.Framework.dll (EscapeGoat2, Gateways, Skulls of the Shogun)
* FNA.dll (Bleed, Super Rad Raygun)
* FNA.dll (TowerFall: Ascension)
* FNA.dll (Paladin, Shipwreck)
* FNA.dll (FEZ)
* FNA.dll (Overdriven Reloaded, Square Heroes)
* FNA.dll (Hacknet)
* FNA.dll (Salt&Sanctuary)
* FNA.dll (Hidden in Plain Sight)
* FNA.dll (Bleed2, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Press X to Not Die)
* FNA.dll (Charlie Murder, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile)
* FNA.dll (Flinthook, RCRU) -- **Note: These 2 titles have stability issues. Unclear if this may be related to the FNA.dll version.**
* FNA.dll (Curse of the Crescent Isle DX, Hyphen, Owlboy)