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Diff for /projects/fnaify/fnaify.1 between version 1.49 and 1.51

version 1.49, 2020/10/07 20:31:26 version 1.51, 2020/12/14 20:36:02
Line 7 
Line 7 
 .Nm  .Nm
 .Op Fl i | y  .Op Fl i | y
 .Op Fl hsv  .Op Fl hnsv
 .Op Fl c Ar configfile  .Op Fl c Ar configfile
 .Op Fl D Ar depdir  .Op Fl D Ar depdir
 .Op Fl d Ar gamedir  .Op Fl d Ar gamedir
Line 120 
Line 120 
 to the directories the  to the directories the
 .Xr mono 1  .Xr mono 1
 runtime will search for DLLs.  runtime will search for DLLs.
   .It Fl n
   Skip checks for library dependencies.
 .It Fl s  .It Fl s
 Force (re-)running setup.  Force (re-)running setup.
 .It Fl V  .It Fl V
Line 211 
Line 213 
 Flotilla  Flotilla
 .It  .It
 Gateways  Gateways
 .It  .It
 Grand Class Melee 2 [!]  Grand Class Melee 2 [!]
 .It  .It

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